Foxxyboi vR


We have the best selection of "foods" and other shit.

What the fuck? I thought this bitch was a streamer or whatever…


Thick Piss


Brown blended vomit


Poop cone!


the remains...


All the things you could ever want in a food ordering place. *We can’t legally say “restaurant” due to none of these “foods” actually being ~food~.

Our Menu

Eat shit.

ice cream

Plastic Ice Cream

$ 2.45


(we don't know either)

$ 2.75

Dick Cheese

$ 1.95

Kidney Stones

$ 3.45


Concentrated Anger Milkshake

$ 3.00

Doo Doo

$ 3.45


$ 2.00

Coffee Flavored Piss

$ 2.45


Stolen Tim Hortons

$ 3.70

Old Blood

$ 2.45

2 souls

$ 3.50

Leemooonade with berries

$ 1.45



$ 2.45

Nose drippings

$ 3.75

Liver squeezings

$ 1.75

Severed Hand holding whippings of some kind

(It's more about the hand really)

$ 2.45


This pink Fox man thing is one pompous asshole that you will grow to hate.

Abandoned as a pup, this little gobshite was left to wander the streets. Eventually this pink weirdo was captured in Tokyo in 1903. With years of effort and patience, a crack team of scientists and robotists programmed this pink man to be more favourable to an online audience. While there are still bugs to be worked out, this pinkish bitch still roams the internet trying to garner all the attention he can. Whether it be good or bad.